Weaponizing WPATH

If you’re transitioning you’re familiar with it in all it’s gatekeeping glory.  A lot of us aren’t overly fond of the restrictions and rules placed on us by WPATH and it’s Standards of Care.  We shouldn’t be, but if they’re something we must endure we should use them to our advantage.

So, here’s what I do.

“Are you even FAMILIAR with WPATH?”

This is a great leading question when debating with the anti-trans crowd.  Hilariously enough, most of those who actively despise us are either completely or willfully ignorant that a SoC has been in place for trans folks for almost 40 years.  “New concept” my ass.  Point this out, and note in your response that someone who doesn’t have at least a passing familiarity with the guidelines for treating trans folks across the entire Western world probably shouldn’t be debating whether or not we exist or how best to treat us.

Tip: Remember, don’t worry about running afoul of such “debate” tactics as “appeal to authority.”  These folks aren’t engaging you in a civilized debate, and science is on your side.  Hit them with it over and over again!

Additional points:

  • WPATH’s Standards of Care (formerly Benjamin Standards of Care) have been around since 1979 and have always supported transition.
  • It’s currently on version 7 and last amended in 2011.  That’s a lot of versions for a new concept.
  • Link them the PDF version for their perusal.  It’s a hundred pages long, and use that exact word since it’s it comes off as a casual read.  It isn’t.
  • Note that there are over twenty pages of citations in the SoC.  Suggest that they begin their reading there.  Have I read any of the cited articles?  Hell no, and neither should you unless that’s your thing.  The tactic here is to undermine their argument on the most basic level: that they’re ignorant regarding the subject.
  • If you really want to be a sly devil suggest that since they are so knowledgeable about the subject that they should present their research before the next WPATH symposium.  They love when you do that.

Terms to know:
WPATH: World Professional Association of Transgender Health, or to put it more succinctly, the people probably telling you what hoops to jump through.


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